‘Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me’ (HardCover Children’s Book)


Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me celebrates each child’s unique strengths, and shows us that we all have things in common.

Written by the parent of a child who has hearing loss, Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me features a diverse group of children and celebrates the positive characteristics that make each child wonderfully different in their own unique way. All children can see themselves in the characters in Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me whether they connect with a character’s personal challenges, physical appearance, or personality. Becky Zingale hopes her writing will encourage children to find what they have in common with others and to embrace what makes them, and others, wonderfully unique.

If you are a parent, teacher, or medical professional assisting a child who feels different, Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me, will help start conversations that promote inclusion, acceptance, and friendship.