Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me by Becky Zingale

Children grow in confidence and compassion when they see themselves and their friends represented in the story, whether they connect with a character’s personal challenges, physical appearance, interests, or personality. Children see not just their differences, but the wonderful things about who they are and who they can become.
Topics: Friendship, Affirmations, Disabilities, Neurodiversity, Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Wheel Chair, Limb Differences, Facial Differences, Service Dog, Blind, Deaf, Hearing Aids, Sign Language

Age Range: 0-8 Years

Good People by Allison Zimmerman

Good People empowers families to protect their children. It is a great resource to start conversations about safety and healthy boundaries, in order to prevent potential abuse situations. This book is a “must have” for anyone with children in their lives. Let’s put an end to childhood abuse!

Age Range: 0-8 Years

Topics: Anti-Bullying, Confidence, Kindness, Friendship

The Journey of the Doll Cradle by Sheryl Bullock

Written cleverly in first person, this is the story of a doll cradle that gets left behind in a move and experiences the emotions that come with unexpected transitions: fear, grief, uncertainty, and insecurity, as well as moments of fascination and wonder in a world much bigger than it realizes. One day the cradle gets to meet the man who made it many years before. What a delightful discovery to be recognized and affirmed! The cradle reflects on what it has endured and learned along the way. Despite difficult experiences, the cradle thrives, resulting in a new self-respect, confidence, and a resolve to carry its own unique destiny.

Age Range: 0-8 Years

TopicsAffirmations, Identity, Kindness, Confidence, Adoption, Foster Care, Displacement, abandonment

Jojo's Tiny Ear by Stefania Munzi

Jojo is a happy boy who loves fireworks, the zoo, swings, and trucks! He was also born with a hearing disability. In this inspiring, child-friendly kid’s book about hearing disability, written by his mother, Jojo will tell you all about his favorite things. He’ll also answer your questions about his tiny ear and show you that his disability doesn’t stop him from enjoying his life!

TopicsDisabilities, Deaf, Hearing Aids

Age Range: 0-6 Years

 Rebekah's Superpower by Emma Bilyk

Rebekah is a little girl born with microtia and wears a BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid) to help her hear. This children’s book, written and designed by Rebekah’s mother, helps deaf and hard of hearing kiddos be empowered and have language for self advocacy. The book takes the readers through what microtia is, using a BAHA and FM system, and examples of responses to the inevitable questions that come up from curious classmates. Hearing aids give you super powers and is something to be celebrated!

TopicsDisabilities, Deaf, Hearing Aids, Sign Language, School, Friendship, Kindness, Confidence, Microtia, self advocacy

Age Range: 0-7 Years

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The adventures of Billie BAHA and her Super HEARo friends! by Jessica Jordan-Hogan

I’m so glad you came by. My name is Billie. I’m four years old and I am also Hard of Hearing. I have bilateral hearing loss due to Microtia. Microtia is a congenital condition of a little or missing outer ear. I wear my BAHA to be able to hear the world around me. I go to a school with all my other friends that are also Deaf or Hard of Hearing, but they don’t all wear BAHAs to hear like me. Some of my friends wear behind the ear hearing aids or cochlear implants. I even have one friend that does not wear anything to hear, but we all have one thing in common….we are all SUPER HEARo’s My superpowers are kindness and acceptance. Together we will discover communication repair strategies, self-advocacy, and how to bring everyone’s differences together.

Topics:Disabilities, Wheelchair, Neurodiversity, Deaf, Hearing Aids, School, Friendship, Kindness, Confidence, Leadership, ADA Laws

Age Range: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Harmony Hears a Hoot by Fara Augustover, M.A. CCC-SLP

‘Harmony Hears a Hoot’ is a children’s book about a young owl with hearing loss who uses listening devices (e.g. hearing aids, cochlear implants, BAHAs, etc.). Follow Harmony on her first day of school as she meets new friends and faculty, enjoys her classes, advocates, educates, and teaches everyone what it’s like to have something unique about themselves. The book’s author is a Speech-Language Pathologist with a specialty in aural re/habilitation, and owner of the private practice Island Wide Speech.

Topics: Disabilities, Auditory Processing, Deaf, Hearing Aids, Speech Therapy, School, Friendship, Anti-Bullying, Identity, Kindness, Confidence

Age Range: Preschool and Up

Ada and the Helpers by Travis D. Peterson

“Be bold! Be brave! Let you be you… and let’s help others, too!” That’s Ada’s motto.Ada is a dancing, deaf fox with cochlear implants who loves to help others. On her way to dance in a talent show one day, she meets three other creatures facing a physical challenge or disability of their own. She helps her new friends see past their challenges and discover their natural, God-given strengths. But can they help her in return? Ada’s a bit nervous about the talent show! Will she be able to hear the music clearly? Will everyone laugh at her? Ada and the Helpers not only brings awareness to hearing loss and hearing devices, but helps the whole family to learn the sign language alphabet, too! 14 words are spelled out using the ASL alphabet throughout the story, and the hardcover edition of the book comes with an ASL alphabet poster on the inside of the dust jacket, perfect for hanging on the child’s bedroom or classroom wall.
TopicsDisabilities, Deaf, Sign Language, Friendship, Kindness, Confidence, Cochlear Implants (or just hearing devices)

Age Range: 0-8 Years

Extraordinary Jordyn and her Bionic Ears by Dr. Jasmine Simmons

A story about a young girl with a hearing aid and a cochlear implant. She faces some challenges on the playground and in the classroom. She learns how to overcomes it with her confidence!

TopicsDisabilities, Deaf, Hearing Aids, School, Friendship, Anti-Bullying, Affirmations, Kindness, Confidence

Age Range: 3-8 Years

The ABCs of Inclusion by Beth Leipholtz

The ABCs of Inclusion is a picture book about disabilities. Meet 26 real kiddos with diagnoses like autism, hearing loss, epilepsy, and Down syndrome. It teaches young readers that it’s okay to be different—in fact, it’s what makes us special!
Topics: Hospital, Surgery, Disabilities, Wheelchair, Limb Differences, Facial Differences, Down Syndrome, Neurodiversity, ADHD, Sensory processing, Auditory Processing, Blind, Deaf, Hearing Aids, Sign Language, Friendship, Anti-Bullying, Kindness, Confidence.

Age Range: 0-8 Years

Now Hear This: Harper soars with her magic ears by Valli and Harper Gideons

When a child was diagnosed with hearing loss, it is overwhelming. The future can feel uncertain and one might worry whether or not their child will thrive. Harper’s story allows readers to follow her journey, providing both parent and child who are facing any kind of diagnosis a much-needed dose of encouragement. Through Harper’s hearing loss story, kids can imagine what is possible. Understanding and awareness are the key to feeling included and the community around a child with hearing loss is critical. This story shares ways people in a deaf child’s life can better support them. Harper, a tenacious tween, has a witty way of storytelling that resonates with young readers while also offering inspiration, encouragement, and hope to anyone who has to overcome hearing loss or any other challenge.

Topics: Disabilities, Deaf, Hearing Aids, School, Friendship, Kindness, Confidence

Age Range: 8-12 Years

You’re Invited by Jason Neustaeter

In this inspirational allegory, an orphan boy invited to a royal banquet learns about unconditional love from the Father he always wanted.

TopicsAffirmations, Identity, Adoption, Foster Care, Parenting

Age Range: 6-12 Years

Courage to Grow - How Acton Turns Learning Upside Down by Laura A. Sandefer

The inspiring origin story of Acton Academy, where every child is seen as a genius with special gifts that can change the world.
Topics: School, Friendship, Kindness, Confidence, Leadership

Age Range: Adults/Parents

Create Something Beautiful-Self Discovery Journal  by Shalisha Loyd

This is a self discovery journal with weekly journal prompts paired with music and a creative space to draw and process self reflection.

TopicsAffirmations, Identity, Confidence, Leadership, Parenting, Self-Discovery 

Age Range: 16-80

Tandem: The married entrepreneurs' guide for greater work-life balance by Robert and Kay Lee Fukui

Stories and practical tips to help the married business owner succeed in life, marriage, family, and business. Keys that will help the entrepreneur be able to prioritize family while still growing a business.

TopicsLeadership, Communication, conflict resolution, relationship, leadership

Age Range: 18-65 Years

Parenting the Rainbow by Allison Zimmerman

A Christian parent’s guide to loving their gay child well. It carries a message of hope and encouragement for those facing the news of a child coming out of the closet. Instead of feeling shocked and isolated, listen to this mother’s journey of love in a time when many voices are suggesting judgment.
Topics: Parenting, LGBTQ, Anti-Bullying

Age Range: Adults/Parents