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Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me

The Children’s Book That Belongs in Every Household and Classroom

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Written by Becky Zingale – the mama of a vibrant and resilient family thriving through the challenges of Treacher Collins Syndrome and hearing lossWonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me is an inspiring children’s book that empowers young minds to spread their wings and embrace their uniqueness.

What Others Are Saying…

Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me, is a book every household and classroom needs to have, to help us build an accepting society. This book encompasses a great set of tools and reminders about inclusion, diversity, and kindness.

Justine Kougl, Tour of Kindness

Becky Zingale has written a delightful book for children highlighting how wonderfully different we are. With beautiful illustrations and thoughtful text, Becky focuses on the strength within kids who overcome challenges by harnessing their other magnificent abilities. Books like Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me, where children can see themselves and learn to embrace and marvel at the differences within others, are so valuable for us all.

Nikki Rogers, author of Created To Be children’s books

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Ready to conquer limiting beliefs and encourage a positive self-image in the Children in your life? Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me is the Children’s book you’ve been searching for.

Watch your child’s world light up when they see themselves as the HERO in their favorite book.

Medical Professionals & Teachers are raving about how Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me promotes inclusion for the children they serve!

Becky Zingale’s passionate love for all humans is evident in her beautiful book, Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me. This book should be in every home, as a lesson and reminder that our differences are what make us unique and beautiful.

Toni Cancilla, Sign Language Interpreter/Teacher and retired pastor of our Deaf Community at Bethel Church.

Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me, teaches children to learn about others, and explore the diversity present in our identities. It honors the curiosity, self-expression and social connection so central to young readers. How exciting to have a book where kids will see themselves!

Stephanie Lucas, Marriage and Family Therapist

Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me, is a beautiful book with an important message! Recognizing how each of us is unique with special gifts and talents, is what makes life beautiful.

Asha Dicharry, Speech Language Pathologist

Seeing a book that highlights so many individual differences in children warms my heart. Becky has done a wonderful job giving a positive voice to children who aren’t often depicted in books. Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me, is an important story for all kids to read to understand how each of us are positively unique!

Liz Holt, Early Childhood Speech Language Pathologist

Looking for a dynamic children’s book that both attempts and succeeds in representing the intersection of individuality, ability, diversity, and resilience? Look no further! Representation is difficult to achieve. Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me is unique because it actually represents dynamic people from multiple angles without tokenizing disability or diversity.

Zingale beautifully represents the ordinary magic that makes each person unique while emphasizing each child’s ability and characteristics. Dumitru respectfully depicts and captures iconic features of the characters in the text – who are inspired by real people. Looking forward to seeing how this book will touch lives and change mindsets. 

Dr. H. G. Zimmerman, PhD, NIC
Associate Professor and Director of Deaf Studies, Carolina University

About the Author

Becky Zingale is married to Duane, who has a genetic condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS). They have two beautiful daughters, one of whom has TCS just like her Dada. To hear, they both wear bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHAs).

Becky likes to find creative solutions to solve problems, so she makes and sells custom softbands and accessories for BAHAs at TheBahaBowtique on Etsy. Becky also blogs at TheBahaMama.com, sharing inspiring stories that encourage families to thrive through life’s challenges.

Becky’s husband, Duane, has a great sense of humor and loves to be in the spotlight. He is a digital marketing consultant and helps people create connections through sharing their stories. Duane has been encouraging Becky to write children’s books to share the stories of their family and friends, and finally, here it is!

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